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Interesting article I stumbled across. As you all should know, worship is a really important thing to me.

What do you guys think? I don’t necessarily think men have stopped worshipping in church over all, but the underlying point is that we’re shifting away from actual congregational worship (read: bad). This sort of ties in with a lot of stuff I’ve been thinking about recently concerning church, and so here’s something to meditate on: what would your ideal church be? Think about what the most glorifying, powerful, interesting church would be like. There are so many components to a church: various ministries such as adult, single, youth, children, outreach, worship, . Do you think there should be more ministries? Less? Do you think women should teach? Do you think this hypothetical church should host weekly raves?

I’ve been having some thoughts on the matter that I hope to condense into a post that I’ll add to this one in the comments below. But what do you guys think? Build an imaginary church and share your vision of it. Don’t worry too much about limitations, besides the usual stuff, like gravity.

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